Metal Component Manufacturers

DJC Precision Engineering LTD est. 1989

As a partnership between Richard Carpenter and Gary Crawford, DJC Precision Engineering was first known as C&C Precision Engineering. Initially the company had one CNC Lathe and one Milling Machine. The company continued to expand which resulted in the acquisition of a further three CNC Tuning Centres, two Vertical Machining Centres and other essential metal working equipment.

In 1995 Daniel Carpenter entered the company from school, and spent time in all aspects of the company obtaining vital experience culminating in the managerial role that he now holds.
Between 1995 and 2002 the company invested in two more CNC Turning Centres and a further Vertical Machining Centre with fourth axis capability.

In 2002 Gary Crawford left the company leaving Richard Carpenter as Proprietor, which resulted in the need for some managerial restructuring. Daniel Carpenter was made Works Manager and Jane Carpenter became head of Administration and Accounts. From this point the company continued to grow, expanding its customer base with more investment in machinery and improving the skill levels of its ever growing number of employees. With the increased number of machines the need for relocation to a larger premises was realised in mid 2007 when the company moved into a 6000 sq/ft unit. During the following months new larger Offices, Inspection and Conference Room were created. In response to marketplace demands a fully integrated database has been installed to streamline the efficient running of the company.


Specialists in Sheet, Bar, Rod and Castings

Aluminiun, Brass, Copper, Ecosorb, Inconel
Iron, Kovar, Mild Steel, Monel, Nickel
Phospher Bronze, Silver Steel
Stainless Steel, Titainium
Acetal, Cast Nylon 6, Peek, PTFE,
Rigid Grey PVC, Tefzel


We offer a service in Cad Drawing
which allows the customer to see a
three dimensional image
before we start cutting any material
We can also output any program
using a Post Processor
for more complicated profiling

We can Subcontract

Dip Brazing, Wire Eroding, Lazer Cutting,
Waterjet Cutting, Grinding, Fabricaction,
Heat Treatment, Welding
Alocrom, Anodise, Chrome, Copper
Gold, Nickel, PTFE, Silver, Tin